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I trade zippers in different colors, Jurbarko market only on Saturdays until 12:00 pm., Except for bad weather and in exceptional cases. Length from 32 cm to 44 cm below 1.00 Lt, the average length of from 23.5 cm to 28 cm as well as after 1.00 Lt, short, from 13 cm to 19.5 cm to 0.50 carats. Long mainly plastic, short iron, the other one just fine. Ad Jurbarkas only at or near its residents. Note: Some changes in moisture, iron zippers a bit stuck, they would be more suitable breeches and shorts pocket decor decorate, but does not sew a pocket, just to emphasize the garment, or as permitted by fantasies ... Photo 1 long, 2 short 3 medium length.Contacts: Skype liusi87 +37062849911

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