Blue Mohair skirt

Blue Mohair skirtBlue Mohair skirt picture no. 2Blue Mohair skirt picture no. 3


This knitted skirt was knitted by hand from lovely blue mohair yarn. It features elastic waistband. Very beautiful design, and will fit a size M to L. This skirt is beautifully designed in lace knit pattern that is very eye-catching. Yarn: Sandnes Yarn - Thin Silk Mohair / 57% Mohair, 28% Silk, 15% Wool Size: M / L Length: 55 cm. CARE: recomended hand wash but You also may use machine on woll cycle fpor delicate garmets not to waste valuable time hand-washing. Just toss it into the machine on the gentle wool or silk cycle and cold water with mild detergent for delicate garments. Don't twist. Roll in a towel to get rid of excess water. Lay flat to dry. No bleach, no iron.

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