Handmade/Wool/Gloves/Mittens/Cable/Warm/brownHandmade/Wool/Gloves/Mittens/Cable/Warm/brown picture no. 2Handmade/Wool/Gloves/Mittens/Cable/Warm/brown picture no. 3


These gloves look forward to good hands. Nice and the best choice if you need warmth and comfort.   It is a good idea as a gift for yourself, sister, mother, daughter, wife or other important person in your life. The right gift. The cool weather can also be much better ... Handmade, self-knitted. These light brown romantic gloves are knit with love and great patience from fine 80% wool. The pattern makes a pretty and interesting texture Care: The gloves are felt-free and machine washable up to 30 ° C or hand wash gently in mild water, squeeze out excess water and dry on a flat surface.

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