Red heart pendant necklace.

Red heart pendant necklace.Red heart pendant necklace. picture no. 2Red heart pendant necklace. picture no. 3


Heart shaped pendant necklace, Valentine's Day romantic gift, Red crystal beaded Love you necklace. This elegant handmade necklace is not only an accessory, but also a unique gift to express love. Charm heart pendant made of red crystals symbolizes passion, warmth and love. It's a great expression of your heart's feelings. The gold-plated chain creates warmth and luxury. They are like roads that connect you with the environment, emphasizing your uniqueness.Measurements: Pendant small: Length: 1.37 in (3.5 cm) Width: 1.49 in (3.8 cm). Pendant bigger: Length: 1.69 in (4.3 cm) Width: 1.77 in (4.5 cm). Chain: 15.74 in (40 cm), extra length of the chain 1.96 in (5 cm).

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